An Apple A Day Keeps You Awake

I learned that Apple can help me fight sleepiness at night.

My friend who is a nurse told me that instead of having those energy drinks to fight sleepiness I'd rather had an apple to bite.

I didn't believe at first, but I keep on seeing some of my friends eating apple and they stayed awake the whole night, so I tried doing the same thing.

The next day I bought an apple instead of energy drink to fight sleepiness at night. Now I'm awake all night. It was effective.

I love apples. It keeps me awake and I don't need to have energy drink anymore just to keep me awake at night. And besides, it's good for the health.

That friend of mine became the apple of my eyes. I called her apple.


dan said...

hindi ko alam ito ha! ang hilig ko pa naman sa mansanas pero kinakain ko pagkatapos pananghalian.

carlo said...

try mo effective sya

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