benefits of swimming

Swimming has been my favorite sport aside from running, so when I do have free time I go on swimming. I like this sport because it makes me feel good

When I swim, I feel fresh after.  I have been a fan of swimming although I am not a competitive swimmer and for a time I have known great Filipino swimmers like Eric Buhain, Akiko Thompson and Christine Jacob. I hope that someday I can meet them and hear their stories.

The benefits of swimming :

  • Develops an active healthy lifestyle , ideally you Live Positively when you exercise!

  • It's a nice exercise, gives good shape and proper body posture

  • Improves cardiovascular system

  • Strengthens muscles

  • Swimming is a Life Skill, it develops confidence and eliminates the fear of injuries.

  • Helps in loosing weight

I feel happy today, I was able to interview Olympian Swimmer Akiko Thompson

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