The Real Leaf Ambassadors

Last December 7, 2010, the Real Leaf Ambassadors were launched to the press.

Marian Rivera, Dingdong Dantes, pesco vegetarian KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual. So what has brought the four together ?

"We’ve all made the switch and made it our green tea!" said the four ambassadors, In this unique team-up what also brings them together is the fact that they all love being real and staying true to themselves and to people around.

"We believe that off cam, we’re just ordinary people who go through routines and make important choices day by day." they added.

Now being ambassadors how are they going to promote healthy drink?

First, unlike other green tea beverages available in the market, Real Leaf packs the valuable rewards of real tea and real honey in one deliciously refreshing drink.

"This unique combination helps revive both mind and body. It’s a pick-me-up we all deserve to enjoy and need especially with all the stress and tiredness we experience everyday."

So what should the fans expect from all of you in the coming 2011?

RL Ambassadors: At this point, we want people to keep guessing because we are all keeping it as a big surprise. You all have to watch out for what Real Leaf and we are going to bring in 2011!

But as we end this wonderful year, we want to challenge everybody out there to make the choice to be real and refreshed the unique Real Leaf way like the four of us. Keep in mind that every decision matters. Ask yourself, are you going to be left out and settle for your usual green tea? Or are you joining us as we choose to be deliciously revived with Real Leaf’s unique fusion of real tea and real honey?

For us four, it’s something very exciting and new but we’re looking forward to getting to know each other more and of course to bringing the biggest surprises Real Leaf will be giving everyone in the year to come!

But before all that happens, for now you may learn more about Real Leaf and other special treats by checking out

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