Featured vegetarian stuff: Likha Diwa

I'm here at Likha Diwa located at Krus na Ligas, Quezon City,it's near UP diliman. I like it here because it has vegetarian options like Sinigang sa Bayabas with brown rice for only 110 pesos, it is good for 2 persons. I also like their Banaba tea which you can buy for 70 pesos, quiet expensive but it's natural. I also like the ambiance, it's so homey, I'm sittin on the floor right now listening to Bob Marley songs.

What I don't like here is the slow service, well they only have one server who caters to all 15 table of customers, try to imagine that. Using electricity is not allowed so I can't charge my laptop in case it dies. Anyway here's a video I made.

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pEDo said...

kain nga tayo dito minsan. Miss ko na ang sinigang sa bayabas!


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