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Everyone’s jumping on the healthy bandwagon. That’s why these days, before we even put anything in our mouths we tell ourselves, “Wait…is this good for my health? Thing is, most stuff that’s good for your health don’t exactly taste as good as those that aren’t healthy.

Good thing there's Minute Maid Pulpy--the orange juice drink that tastes like the real thing and has NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED. Say goodbye to fears of harmful stuff which not only hinder our cells’ ability to rebuild themselves, but could potentially cause deadly diseases like cancer. Minute Maid Pulpy...it's got real pulp, nothing but the good stuff, and the wonderful orange taste you're sure to love!


rdnofera said...

I couldn't agree with you more that most health foods do not taste as great as the non-healthy ones.

Thanks to Minute Maid we now have a better option.

Hope you could share your thoughts on my blog sometime... :)

weather uk said...

Cool post…can you tell me where Overlay.TV showed up on that list? We were trying, but also trying not to be spammy…


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