The secret of beauty and youth

How to look younger ?

"Ninety Percent of Beauty is youth, Ten Percent is Maintenance", as somebody beautiful said not so long ago. By applying the latest advances in anti-ageing, Six F strives to keep you young-looking, vibrant, and beautiful for the years to come.

Six F is a trained internist, anti-ageing and aesthetic physician. She is an alumna of the University of Santo Tomas. She took her post graduate internship at St. Luke’s Medical Center and residency training at the Makati Medical Center. She is also a Fellow of the Philippine Anti-ageing Medical Society. She constantly keeps herself abreast with attendances in conventions in anti-ageing medicine and its allied specialties. She consistently exposes herself to the newest technologies in the field of anti-ageing and acquires the latest equipment. It is her aim to be in the forefront in the realm of aesthetic medicine. She has an eye for beauty, the mind of an internist, the outlook of an optimist, and the hands of an artist.

Dr. Sixta Navarro - Foronda founded  Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Center with the aim of providing quality, safe, and affordable aesthetic and beauty solutions to those discriminating individuals who seek to better themselves by keeping a youthful appearance. When you’ll look younger, then you’ll feel better.

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