A reason to go vegetarian

Many times I was asked why I went vegetarian. The main reason is because of my family's medical background. On my father's side my relatives would die either because of diabetes or stroke. On my mother's side my grandparents cause of death is liver failure and stroke. Now there is one common factor among them, they all went to the stage wherein the doctors tells them not to eat meat, pork and everything they were conditioned to eat. Of course they are having a hard time because they were meat eaters their whole life. Since it's hard to develop control when you are conditioned to eat meat I decided to go vegetarian until I die.

Now when that stage happens to me, I think I can do that easily because at an early stage I was able to condition myself on a plant base diet. For example I will be diagnosed that I have Hyperthyroidism and the doctor would tell me not to eat fried chicken anymore, I think I'm gonna do it with pleasure since I've been doing this for a long time.

In my case vegetarianism has developed control in terms of physical, mental and emotional aspect. And I apply this kind of control when needed. For example the doctor would tell me not to eat junk foods anymore then I would do with all my heart.

Everything that I said? This is what i feel in what I do.

But in general here are the benefits of being vegetarian:

  • gives you good health, most of the celebrities go vegetarian to become sexy and good looking.

  • makes you a kind person, not eating meat is being kind to animals, no need to argue.

  • you become a loving person, when you don't eat meat you automatically love mother nature.

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