telephone recorder used for vegetarian cooking demo

I mentioned a few days ago that I am going to do a cooking demo video, like a vegetarian cooking demo. It took me a long time, and now I still can't start, but I have stove already. I was thinking that since it is going to be a video then it should have a quality sound. So where can I get a High Quality Voice Recording device?

A friend of mine told me about this awesome device that he used for digital voice recording. He does podcast, similar to my idea of doing a cooking video show. I look at this device, it's called The 510 Plus Digital Recorder, it's available all over the world and sourced reliably by Professional manufacturer of security products.

I think I am going to enjoy this device because what I'm gonna do is I will just press record and then let it record my voice while cooking for the rest of the show. The recorder activates when sound is present so that it may save memory space for eliminating blank space for eliminating blank space in recording. Wow sounds really fun. If Philippine Security Agencies uses this mini voice recorder in tracking locations of criminals, what more if I use it to record my cooking show. Alright I am so excited now.
High Quality Voice RecordingHigh Quality Voice Recording

Let me share the Product Description :
* POR(Power Operated Recording) Function & Voice Activated Power On Off / Start Recording
* Automatic Telephone Recording On/Off via Special Telephone Adaptor
* Scheduling a Time to make recording
* Recovery of Erased files by mistake
* File Management by recording date and time
* Hearing Aid Function * Recording Compatible with every telephone & cell phone
It is manufactured by Record Your Life Inc. (

Above all here's what I like about this device:
* Long time recording up to 260 hours
* POR(Power Operated Recording)
* Current time display function
* VOR(Voice Operated Recording)
* TOR (Telephone Operated Recording) : World first function
* Automatic Telephone Recording On/Off via Telephone Adaptor
* Recording Mode Selectable(XQ/HQ/SP/LP)
* Monitoring in recording file
* Telephone/Cell Phone Recording compatible with every telephone and cell phone
* Time Display and Recording File name is saved as recording time & date automatically
* Intro Scan function
* Microphone Sensitivity Adjustment(Hi/Low/User)
* Recovery of the erased & quick format file
* Alarm function
* Hearing Aid function
* Playback Speed Selectable from slow / normal / fast speed
* Easy menu key
* Display time to be left for recording
* Outer Speaker with Amp.
* Total 396 Files in 4 Folders(A/B/C/D)
* USB 2.0 Interface
* External Power Supply thru USB or DC
* AAA X 2 Battery (20hrs for record at SP Mode)
* Connecting External Audio Device
* External Microphone for better recording quality
* File Editing on the provided S/W
* Frimware Upgrade Available

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