Live Positively

What is Live Positively?

Live Positively is our commitment to make a positive difference in the world by redesigning the way we work and live so sustainability is part of everything we do.




  • Beverage Benefits:

  • Rehydration

  • Active, Healthy Lifestyle:

  • Participation in health activities

  • Community:

  • Involvement in community service

  • Energy Management and Climate

  • Protection: Commitment to save energy

  • Sustainable Packaging:

  • Drive to recycling

  • Water:

  • Conservation of water consumption

Blogger Ambassadors

Azrael Coladilla
Azrael Coladilla aims to promote pop culture, lifestyle, events, conventions and exhibits through his blog.
His wide variety of interest such as photography, web design, music, film and technology makes him a well rounded
blogger at par with Coca-cola’s vision to innovate and to meet the evolving lifestyle and refreshment needs for Filipinos.

Carl Valenzona

Carl Valenzona is a health/veggie blogger. He is an active participant in different running events and other

health events. He actively blogs about being a vegetarian and healthy posts for his readers.

Engaged in a healthy lifestyle, Carlembodies Coca-cola’s global goal to help people lead active, healthy lives.

Flow Galindez

Flow Galindez is an active advocate of the fight against cancer, hunger and poverty. Flow is an iMDG Community Leader to the Philippines for UNMC Asia Pacific and a hunger warrior of World Food Programme. He also advocates forclimate change and HIV/AIDS awareness,education, child and women’s rights.

Flow is the perfect ambassador for “Involvement in community service”. With his large reader base and active involvement in different community advocacies, he can help spread the Live Positively Campaign by Coca-Cola.

(to be continued)

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