Visiting the University Physicians Medical Center

My first visit in UPMC

When I’m in UP Manila near the Supreme Court area, I will make sure to drop by in PGH to buy a green burger and a lemon grass tamarind juice. It’s the only place I know where I can buy vegetarian friendly stuffs. It’s near the building where OPD and the chapel are located. And the last time I went there I found this new building which offers the newest trend when it comes to healthcare.  A few days ago I had the opportunity to visit this building I am talking about.

Near the PGH pharmacy is UPMC – University Physicians Medical Center, which is now open from Mondays through Fridays, from 6 am – 8 pm and during Saturdays 6 am – 6 pm.  And it is located at UPM-PGH Faculty Medical Arts Building along Taft Avenue, Manila. When you enter PGH just turn left at the pharmacy area, then you will see the building. It will be easier if you will be coming from the LRT side.

The University Physicians Medical Center (UPMC) is a multi-specialty outpatient facility designed as a one-stop center catering to the private ambulatory clientele of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH).

With all new state of the art medical facilities UPMC has the following services:

  • Ambulatory Operating Room

  • Cardiovascular Service

  • Laboratory

  • Nuclear Medicine

  • Neuro-Rehabilitation Service

  • Pharmacy and Convenience Store

  • Pulmonary Service

As far as I know there will be more services to be added as part of its expansion.

Jojo, a friend of mine told us that UPM-PGH Faculty Medical Arts Building is a project joint undertaking of the University of the Philippines, the lessor, and the Mercado General Hospital, Inc. / Daniel Mercado Medical Center (DMMC), the lessee, to convert, rehabilitate, develop and operate the old Dispensary Building as the UPM-PGH Faculty Medical Arts Building.

From my perspective, I think it will strengthen the role of UP Manila as the leading Health and Sciences Center and enhance the role of PGH as the National University Hospital.

Sooner or later he FMAB might pave the way for the geographic private group practice of profession of PGH doctors and other health professionals. In a geographic set-up, the proximity of the doctor’s clinic to the university makes the doctor readily available for student-related learning activities. This arrangement will enhance the learning experience of the students of the UP College of Medicine and other health degree granting units.

This is the first health care team to apply the group practice concept, which is already proven in the states. Just like a lawyer practice group, this concept is systematically initiated by a gatekeeper. I learned all these information from UPMC President and CEO Edwin M. Mercado, MD.

According to Dr. Mercado, UPM-PGH does not have an institutionalized outpatient private practice for its doctors. UPM-PGH FMAB will cater to the market not adequately served by the UPM-PGH, but served by the numerous clinics and diagnostic facilities along Taft Avenue. These are the broad B and C segment of the market that are budget-conscious paying out-patients who need affordable but modern diagnostic and medical laboratory facilities and who are outside the client profile of the more upscale medical centers.

So far, the current HMOs that UPMC has tie up are the following:

  • East West

  • Asia Life

  • Educare health insurance

Soon will be Philhealth and Medicare

UPM-PGH FMAB will officially be launching this coming January 10, 2011, in case I’ll get invited I am planning to bike from Quezon City going here.

For more info visit their website Like them also on Facebook.

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