Nike Run Manila 2010

Nike Run Manila 2010 5km

The fifth day of Christmas I went to the Nike Run Manila 2010 together with my friends Mark, Marco, Miles , Luan, Hannah and Pam. Nike Run Manila 2010 was held at The Fort Global City and was organized by Nike and Coach Rio dela Cruz. Running has been my habit and I support the promotion of active healthy lifestyle thru physical fitness such as running. Coach Rio said that nowadays, people spend much time on computers that's why he organizes running events like this for a change and also to have an activity that will promote an active healthy lifestyle. I would like to thank my friends Mark, Marco, Miles , Luan, Hannah and Pam for encouraging me to run because this activity makes a difference to the lives of others by setting a good example. So I also encourage everyone to run and be healthy. Here's a video during the race.

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