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Happy, Pulpy, Healthy!

I am one of those jumping on the healthy bandwagon. Health matters most, that’s why these days, before we even put anything in our mouths we tell ourselves, “Wait…is this good for my health? Will this make me fat?!”
Someone says Coca-cola and what comes to your mind? Sugar, soda, and all those things doctors and nutritionists say are bad for you. So, you can imagine what a pleasant surprise it was to learn that Coca-cola now has a product that is truly Happy, Pulpy and healthy. And part of my lifestyle is being conscious about the food that I eat and refreshments that I drink.

Thing is, most stuff that’s good for your health don’t exactly taste as good as those that aren’t exactly the most healthy stuff around. So when I find something that’s healthy and tastes really good, I spread the good news around. We all need it, after all.

And this is my newest dig: Minute Maid Pulpy. Oh Yeah!

That’s bottled juice—tastes like fruit alright, but for sure that’s loaded with tons of bad stuff like preservatives! Hold on to your seats, because Minute Maid Pulpy has NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED. Whew! Say goodbye to fears of allergens…or worse, those harmful stuff which not only hinder our cells’ ability to rebuild them, but could even cause deadly diseases like cancer.

Now, I drink it every chance I get :
• When I’m doing exercise.
• Snacking at the office.
• Having lunch with some friends.
• Even during dinner.

It just feels good to know that you’re satisfying your taste buds while keeping your body healthy.

Cheers for a healthy lifestyle !

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