Tips to help you quit smoking

Goverment Warning says : Cigarette Smoking is dangerous to your Health

Here are some Tips to help you quit smoking:

  • Live Positively. Quitting is not a failure, if you decide positively that you want to quit smoking, you will succeed.

  • Have all the reasons to quit, Death is scary but it should not always be the reason. A valid reason is our body is given by God and we should take care of this and use in accordance to his will.

  • Be a strong person. Giving up on something is not a sign of weakness, most of the time it gives you courage to face the brighter side of life.

  • Condition yourself to physical fitness, you might want to join me and my friends, we have sports activities.

  • Set a timeline like a target date to stop smoking and do everything in a gradual manner. If you are conditioned to smoking then don't make it hard for you to stop in a slow manner.

  • Here's a video interview with Ryan Joson of

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