Jayson Biadog, a sports enthusiast

It's been a while since I was not able to swim. Well, I've been busy running and biking and can't find anytime to swim. But thanks to Jayson Biadog, sports enthusiast/contest blogger for bringing me again to the world of swimming. It is a perfect timing for promoting an active healthy lifestyle. I want to follow Jayson's footsteps, he encourages me to engage in physical fitness such as sports. He said that we will be doing more sports soon. So if you want to join us, leave a pitch and visit Jayson Biadog's blog. Here's a video I made for him about his being a promoter of active healthy living. Enjoy the video!


kassy said...

With that in mind, Yes, I better head back to the water and paddle!

jayson biadog said...

veggie circle is a good influence of healthy active positive lifestyle and cool videographer.


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