Look Who’s Switched to Real Leaf, Four Real

Spotted: Four of the country’s biggest stars from rival networks recently caught joining forces and making the big switch! Who are they and what caused this groundbreaking union? The revelations will make jaws drop. For real.

Of course, this breakthrough alliance was only made possible by a “mastermind” that is just as inventive. In fact, it has opened a whole new chapter in the tea beverage industry by letting us experience its deliciously reviving* fusion of real tea and real honey. Yes, the drink that always keeps things fresh and exciting, Real Leaf Green Tea!

Now that we know the mastermind, it’s time to find out who its latest recruits are! Without question, they are Philippine entertainment’s cream of the crop, the most sought after and the most captivating charmers of today. We adore the characters they portray; we love the true persons that they are off cam. Four individuals who are making the choice to be deliciously revived; four powerhouse names who are now proudly keeping it real with Real Leaf— Marian Rivera, Dingdong Dantes, KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual.

Who knew such history-making coming together could ever happen? Well, Real Leaf did and it’s its biggest surprise to date. As this great year ends, our most loved idols are standing up as one to shake things up and make a big shout out for us to level up our typical green tea. They’re all making the big switch to the one that is expertly brewed, made only of the highest standards and packs the wholesome benefits of refreshing real tea and the natural goodness of real honey lusciously infused with fruit flavors in one great-tasting bottle- Real Leaf. All these make up for the unique fusion that helps revive both mind and body.

Last December 7, 2010 in Whitespace Events Hall in Makati City, Real Leaf held a grand get-together party to formally welcome its four new ambassadors. Renowned personalities and press partners attended the highly anticipated affair hosted by Monster RX 93.1 DJ Gino Quillamor and TV host Phoemela Baranda. The fun-filled bash culminated to a bottle signing with the brand officials and the ambassadors, which officially unveiled them as the new faces of Real Leaf.

No doubt, there’s always something fresh and extraordinary to expect with Real Leaf. In much the same way it has brought unexpected twists in green tea with its delicious blend of real tea and real honey, it has once again made possible a groundbreaking union of the best of the best. Sharon Tanganco, Hydration and Tea Category Director of The Coca-Cola Company shared her excitement over the coming of the four A-lister celebrities to the Coca-Cola family. “We couldn’t have made a more fitting choice for our dream team of brand ambassadors. We believe all four of them have uniquely real, vibrant and dynamic personalities. Plus, they all live uncompromising and healthy lifestyles. In today’s fast-paced, physically taxing and highly stressful world, just like the regular Filipino, they need to restore balance, recharge and refuel themselves to keep up and keep going. Real Leaf is all-natural, all real – it is not only made from natural green tea leaves but is also deliciously blended with the natural goodness of honey. It’s the one-of-a-kind combination that helps revive both mind and body, made even more luscious by infusing fruit flavors – perfect for people who would never settle for less than what they deserve.” she said.

With Real Leaf ending this year with a bang with its stellar league of new ambassadors in the name of Marian, Dingdong, KC and Piolo, we could only expect the coming year to be even bigger and certainly full of real, reviving surprises!

Real Leaf Green Tea. Real Tea. Real Honey. Available in 3 delicious flavors: Honey Apple, Honey Lemon and Honey Lychee. Anytime, anywhere - Real Leaf makes its irresistible real tea and real honey goodness very accessible for Pinoys as it is also available in 8 oz. bottle in Honey Apple Flavor for only Php10 in your favorite sari-sari stores! Real Leaf is on Facebook! Go to www.facebook.com/realleaf to know about its latest promos and other exciting treats.

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