The Seasons of Love

Aside from doing physical fitness we should also be alarmed about health problems such as AIDS.

The seventh day of Christmas I went to Rockwell Powerplant for the press screening of Rent The Musical

*Thank God we have no adidas nation run so I was able to attend this event.

*Ferdie noticed that I am getting thinner and I said I am training so much in running so that I can participate in marathons.

And speaking about AIDS, RENT the musical is a story that will give a different point of view when it comes to health problems, and that is AIDS awareness. Here's the original cast of RENT the musical during their first run Gian Magdangal leads the cast as Roger Davis, a songwriter who is an HIV positive, with Fred Lo as Mark Cohen, an independent filmmaker and Roger's roommate and Nicole Asensio (Sheree understory) as Mimi Márquez, an exotic dancer with HIV.

Based on Giacomo Puccini’s LA BOHEME but set on the Lower East Side of New York City, RENT is the story of young bohemians Mark, Roger, Maureen, Tom Collins, Angel, Mimi, Joanne, and their friends, all-struggling to create and survive during the rise of a mysterious, deadly disease — AIDS. Socially relevant, youthful, and moving, RENT lives on, along with the affirmation that there is “no day but today.”

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