My experience at Sonya's Garden

Sonya's Garden Restaurant & Country Bed and Breakfast

Buck Estate Alfonso, Cavite

I just came from Tagaytay with my family except my brother. We went to the famous Sonya's Garden, the home of organic lifestyle known for it's best food and massage. It was a great day to start the week and the holidays.

I had my jacket with me because I know that I'm gonna chill in Tagaytay. Alright, so we went there and we had our brunch. We were not so familiar with the system because we were all first timers. So here it goes, when you enter Sonya's Garden, a personnel will assist you to it's dining area or to the spa. Along dining area you are not going to order for your food because it's an Eat all you can, and that's the way it is. And the meal is make your own process starting from salad, pasta and then dessert. It's all organic, and all items refillable. I was like a goat, everything there was green leaves surrounded by dressings, fruits and garnish. And so I became a goat eating those fresh picked leaves, oh yeah! And the pasta was fettuccine with white and red sauce, I didn't bother to ask what was that made of I know everything was organic, and the good thing about organic food is it's more plant based, though there's a meat option but only chicken and it's an optional separate order. Wow that make sense huh! I was already full after the pasta. But wait there's more dessert: turon, sweet ca mote and chocolate cake, above all I enjoyed the tarragon tea.

Here's the details of Sonya's Garden Menu for Lunch or Dinner:
Php 610/person , it's a set meal, Eat all you can!



  • Garden Salad Greens (create your own salad of:)

freshly harvested lettuce and aragula topped with mango, broad beans, eggs, cucumber, jackfruit, pineaapple and white local corn or whatever fruits that are in season. Drizzled with Sonya's secret salas dressing or balsamic vinegar/ extra virgin oil.

  • Bread

Fresh baked whole wheat sesame bread with an array of homemade dips: basil, pesto, white cheese, anchovies, bruschetta tomato toppings, mushroom pate, black olive tapinade

  • Pasta

with two kinds of sauces and toppings: sun dried tomato and chicken cream with mango. Topped with ratatouille, salmon belly, shitake mushrooms, black olives, capers and grated Parmesan cheese.

  • Dessert

glazed sweet potato, banana rolls, smashing sinful homemade chocolate cake from panaderia

  • Beverage

Bottomless dalandan juice and tarragon tea

I will never forget this kind of experience. I am planning to go back here using my bike. Eating for good health is a positive way of maximizing your energy. Health is wealth and it's worthless. *We should treasure our health and live the positive way. It brings happiness for you and for the people around you.

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