Strength, Body and Beauty


Lia Cruz

is a pretty host and a beautiful sportscaster in the Philippines. Aside from being an ambassador of beauty, her life is a good example of an active healthy living. A strong person inside and out.

Strength : She can speak a lot about sports because she herself is a sports enthusiast.

Aside from doing sports for personal health benefits, she promotes physical fitness by influencing others. I am one of those people who really looks forward on her kind of lifestyle, because I believe that encouraging other people to engage in physical fitness is making a positive difference to their lives.

By doing regular exercise or getting into sports one can achieve an active, healthy lifestyle. And as Lia Cruz said
Strength , Body and Beauty manifests when you do physical activities. Because you look good when you feel good, and that brings a positive change in life.

So let us all be active and healthy! Live Positively! + )

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