Jason Tomas feels like… like a virgin!!!

Interview with Jason Tomas

Jason Tomas has a hyper ability to host and release charm at the same time.

More than being charming he loves to live positively all the time.

The love to live my life makes me positive all the time. The fact that we have only one life to live makes me want to live it to the fullest the best way I know how to… Setting my goals and doing my best to achieve them. Loving each “present” moment with my family, friends and people around me. And the best of all being happy all the time.

He promotes Physical Fitness by means of dancing, above all he emphasizes the healthier side of being vegetarian.
a. I dance. Been a dancer since I was 7 years old. Had formal training in jazz and ballet and I dance whenever I have the time.

b. I run. For me running is one of the most non expensive workouts and most effective. If I am not joining any marathons, I run the treadmill or just simply run around the Pearl Drive or Salcedo park area.

c. I lift weights. Lifting weights contributes to faster metabolism, which in my case in slower. Also contributes to good overall health and a good physical appearance (syempre)

d. And most of all I do my best to eat healthy all the time. I think I am more of a pesco-vegetarian. I love eating vegetables; my meal is never complete without big amount of greens in it. Had always been called “kambing” by my peers. I prefer a lot of fish dishes, sometimes I just eat plain tuna between meals.

e. Eating 6 or more times in a day, in small quantities.

Talkativeness is an advantage for Jason Tomas
Do you encourage people to be fit?

a. Since I really love to talk… I share to others the benefits of being fit the best way I know how and usually.. surprisingly they get so into the fitness after the chat. Doing this is like sharing them “Life”. Fitness is not just physical, it’s an overall thing.

One of the benefits of running is gaining virginity

a. I really recommend running (is it considered a sport by itself?), ang sarap tumakbo. Aside from being one of the most inexpensive and effective workouts. You get to push & challenge yourself to run farther, faster and better and pag nagawa mo yun… Ang sarap ng feeling.. feels like… feels like… like a virgin!!! I mean refreshing and brand new.


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Jason Tomas feels like… like a virgin!!!...

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