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Tiklop Society of the Philippines

Like my friend Jayson Biadog I am also a kuripot blogger. That's why I'm thinking of ways to cover events without spending pamasahe. A few days ago I met a group called Tiklop Society of the Philippines, it is the first folding bike club of the Philippines; aims to promote safe riding, practical ownership, and pure fun in folding bikes.

If I am going to have a bike like tiklop society I can now cover event without spending pamasahe. I just need to give a time allowance for travel but this idea is brilliant. Oh! I would love to bike because it promotes physical fitness.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hccF0vuAEIw&w=560&h=345]
And here's an interview with Flo San Jose - Steering Committee member/ Founding member

Facts :
Founded in November 08, 2009, coinciding with the launch of the LRTA's Bike On, Bike Off (Bike O2) project. We are a society for folding bikes enthusiasts in the Philippines.

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