what does vegetarianism means

More than anything vegetarianism is a healthier option. And this option is the best thing you can do for the animals, yourself and mother earth. It does not end by eating vegetables but it extends to your lifestyle. It involves fitness , discipline, hygiene , principles and positive attitude.

I read this from the book The Vegetarian Manifesto :

Question : What is the one word you would describe a vegetarian ?

Replies : " Compassionate , Vegs feel reverence for all beings. Animals have feelings too.

" Smart. We are the future. It's smart to choose a diet that keeps us, and our planet, healthy. "

" Different. Although there are a lot more veggie eaters now than when I first started , we are still different from the majority ! "

"Healthy. It becomes a lifestyle . You're vegetarian eventually, maybe after a few years , you move towards veganism . The longer you do it , the healthier you feel and the more you love it. "

"Maybe Compassionate (But I know all vegans aren't exactly compassionate) or dedicated , aware or empathetic, too.Animals are being mistreated , the environment is being abused, and people are getting fatter. Now that I am aware of these problems , I do my share in the solution by choosing vegetarianism. "

"Radical. Because our society embraces a "bigger is better" philosophy and is willing to use any resource available, including animals, for economic gain , it's radical to choose vegetarianism. vegs, in essence ask society to slow down , take a step back , and look at the harm they are causing!"

And here is my answer :

Positive. Choosing to live an active and healthier lifestyle is to live positively. It is a great way to promote physical fitness, because when we're fit we feel and look better . Stay Fit and live positively !

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