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One of the great things about blogging is you get to know great things. Such as knowledge, information, education and many more. But achieving great things becomes useless when you don't share it to others.
Become a meaningful person, Be an agent of change and start making a step towards a greater nation. Greater change would start from our individual responsibility. Make a positive difference to the lives of others in your own little ways! Live Positively !

For over 120 years, Coca-Cola has been an enduring icon that provides moments of joy--a heritage of always striving to be a responsible citizen everywhere we serve. Today, the social, environmental and economic issues are more urgent than ever. There is a need for change--a collective effort to re-imagine the things we do, so we could live in harmony with the world. LIVE POSITIVELY is our commitment to making a positive difference in the world by redesigning the way we work and live so that sustainability is part of everything we do. We Live Positively when…we promote active, healthy living…we provide jobs and livelihood…we support the needs of community…we care for the environment. We can’t do this alone. We invite you to join this movement - to get involved, to inspire others, and to bring happiness to the Philippines and the world.Imagine the difference we can make.Imagine if we all worked as one.Imagine living positively...because we can't imagine living any other way.


My Daddy Feeds Me Well said...

Keep on influencing your readers to Live Positively! \m/ ^_^ \m/

My Daddy Feeds Me Well said...

Keep on influencing your readers to Live Positively! m/ ^_^ m/

school grants said...

Do you people have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

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