tips to ensure a safe pregnancy

Pregnancy is a journey after all. More than being a journey it is something worth remembering and having. I am so honored and very happy to share things that I learned from the book - Infanticipating during the event of GSK and Mommy Mundo

tips to ensure a safe pregnancy :
Preconceptional immunization of women to prevent disease in the offspring is preferred to vaccination of pregnant women> this eliminates risk to the fetus when the mother is unvaccinated and acquire certain viral infections during pregnancy.
• Do avoid over-crowded areas where the risk of viral infection is high.
• If you are pregnant and think you’ve been exposed to a person with suspected measles, mumps, German measles or chickenpox, see your doctor right away.
• After giving birth, ask your doctor about the recommended postpartum vaccines for you and other household members who might be in close contact with your newborn. Bring your newborn to a pediatrician and ask about early and complete protection through vaccination.

Have a safe pregnancy !

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