Featured Vegetarian : Marco Amaral Pereira

This is my veggie friend Marco Amaral Pereira from Portugal. And this was my interview with him on facebook :
How long have you been vegetarian/vegan? why did you become vegetarian?
stopped eating meat in 2003, gave up fish as well in 2005. so 5 years now.

Is it difficult to be a veg ?
not difficult if you´re willing to cook most of your meals, although in some cultures (e.g. Philippines, Portugal, Spain) difficult to find purely veggie meals in local restaurants besides the odd omelette and the depressing salad.

What changes did you notice in you when you became veg?
to be honest, I don´t know. I do it more for ethical/environmental reasons rather than health, although that comes handy as a collateral perk.

What is the usual reaction of people who just knew you’re veg?
depends where you are, whether it´s cosmopolitan or not. I do get quite tired of explaining to people why i decided to become a veggie and soothing their bewilderment.

Do you belong to a group of activist ?
I don´t belong to any specific group, but I keep informed generally on activism, support motions, read the labels in cosmetics to see whether they were tested on animals or not, and so on. Pretty active, although not from a militant perspective I guess.

Are all animal rights advocates vegetarians?
Unfortunately not. I don´t necessarily see active dog rights activists having the same compassion for their fellow cows (unless they´re Hindu, perhaps).

Where do you get your food ?
I try to get it from local markets instead of the supermarket, or small shops in order to support small commerce instead of the big SMs. I like shopping for food at the weekend market in Legazpi to get the organic goodies.

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