The benefits of doing Yoga

A few days ago we were invited to the press conference of Cenovis Fish Oil which was held at BlueWater Day Spa in greenhills.

To help stave off the effects of today’s frenetic living, we have learned to unlock the benefits offered by yoga, enjoy the soothing goodness of a relaxing massage or the revitalizing advantages of visiting a spa to make us feel and look good.

Here are the benefits of doing Yoga as exercise :

  • Gives you good breathing habit

  • Takes away medical problems

  • Helps in menopausal period

  • Gives you regular menstrual period

  • Improves the inner and outer body organs

  • Develops and balances good mental health

It was an honor for me to have Jane Uymatiao around, I can say that she is a healthy lifestyle advocate, and thru Yoga she inspires a lot of readers to also engage in healthy activities such as Yoga. Here's my Interview with Yogajane :

And by consuming Cenovis Fish Oil you help not just your health but also the environment.

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