Rabbits don't really like carrots, only Bugs Bunny

As far as I know rabbits are vegetarians because they do eat carrots. Actually I like Bugs Bunny as a vegetarian icon because he eats carrot and says " What's up doc ? " But I just learned from my friend Romina that If you always feed carrots to rabbits , they will die. She is a rabbit owner and according to her rabbits are not meant to be fed by carrots, but by rabbit food, fresh fruits and vegetables every day. She feeds her rabbits with bananas. She also said that I should have a rabbit pet  because it's a perfect pet for vegetarians. I also learned that her ex-boyfie works for the company that has a rabbit logo.

I think that rabbits are very significant to Romina's life because:

  • her ex-boyfie works for Playboy

  • maybe her pet Suzy reminds her of the company logo where her ex-boyfie works for

Reasons why always feeding carrots is bad for rabbits:

  • Carrots are high in sugar, rabbits are already sweet by nature.

  • It may upset their stomachs and would cause diarrhea.

  • Carrots everyday is a torture to them.

It was nice to meet Romina again , As we were chatting she told me that her father is also a lacto-vegetarian. For 30 years her Dad is living the vegetarian lifestyle at the same time playing archery, biking, and doing outdoor activitites. She has a cool Dad, I told her that I would want to meet her Dad and  I am going to feature him here. Watch out for it. Romina admits that she can't be a vegetarian because she loves bacon and her boyfie is a meat eater. I hope that someday she can turn to her Dad's diet.


Romina said...

Hi Carlo!

Thanks for this post, haha! I think rabbits can eat carrots though but limited! Not all fruits are good for them too - apple is a no-no! Suzy loves her kangkong and bananas but we make sure to give her proper rabbit food cause she needs the nutrients pa rin =)

Text me when you want to interview my dad - he'll find this soo funny I think! Haha =)

carlo said...

Hi Romina,
Carrots are high in sugar and can be fattening, this food should not be given as apart of the rabbit's regular diet.

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