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Talk to Doc
Episode : Sports Medicine / injuries
Doctor : John Andrew Michael Bengzon

I've been a regular audience since the first episode of Talk to Doc aired on ANC. The latest health care show hosted by Maricel Laxa and Doc Oyi Balburias, I've also been a regular questioner ( Yes , Im the guy ! ), This morning I asked Doctor Bengzon , an orthopedic specialist if
" Ano ang pwedeng gawin para hindi maulit ang injury ? "

  • Proper Training

  • That includes warm up and using of protective gears.

  • Wait for at least 2-3 weeks before doing injury causing sport.

  • General Health

  • One should be in proper physical condition before doing any sport.

Doctor Bengzon also shared some first aid tips whenever an injury occurs :

  • do not manipulate the injury

  • apply ice

  • go to a specialist immediately

In its thrust to encourage the public to be better stewards of their health, The Medical City (TMC) is produced a new health care television program - Talk to Doc.

A co‐production of TMC and the ABS‐CBN News Channel (ANC), this 30‐minute talk show tackles specific medical cases and their corresponding treatment programs, discussed from the perspective of patients and their doctors. The pilot episode on regenerative medicine will air on Saturday, June 26 at 9:30 PM over ANC, with a global telecast via The Filipino Channel (TFC). Talk to Doc will be hosted by celebrity super mom and healthy lifestyle advocate Ms. Maricel Laxa‐Pangilinan, and Dr. Rolando A. Balburias, Consultant Director of TMC’s Center for Wellness and Aesthetics.


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