Halal and Haram

Have you ever noticed of those products or merchandise with the seal of Halal ?

Halal certification is a certificate of compliance of the religious requirement observed by all Muslims worldwide. It is now accepted scientifically that a Halal certificate is a guarantee of genuineness, best quality, wholesomeness, cleanliness, and best fit for human consumption.

Just a few days ago I became curious about it, coincidentally this is being discussed on my STS subject
( Science, Technology and Society )

So I went to UP Islamic Studies to look for a book about Halal, coincidentally there's student who helped me out, She nicely accommodated my inquiries about Halal.

Robin , a muslim student enlightened me so much of what Halal is all about.

Basically here in the Philippines Halal is mostly observed in food and consumables, but Robin said that Halal covers several things like culture.

If there is Halal ( permitted ) , there is Haram ( prohibited ), Robin is very particular about this , she said it's something that is basically observed everyday not only on food but also in behavior and lifestyle. Like being alcoholic , she never tasted any alcoholic beverage since birth because it is prohibited. She lives a lifestyle which is according to the teachings of Quran: no intoxication, observes ethical treatment and aims to help others.

From that day I learned that there is something beyond that seal. That living the lifestyle that develops your faith gives you better understanding about the things happening around you. Living on your choice of faith gives you the way you would want freedom.

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