Watsons and Unilab partners in stopping the spread of superbugs

After informing the public about the spread of Superbug last June, another set of press briefing was held at The Crowne plaza on Nov. 24 as Unilab and Watsons continues to educate the public about this alarming issue.

During the 33rd Annual Convention of the Philippine Society of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, the main focus to public health was informing about the threat of infectious superbug and more important is how this can be stopped.

Superbugs are antibiotic-resistant bacteria that pose a daily threat to humanity. For better understanding read my last post about Superbug.

Dr. Rontgene Solante, Lyle Joseph A. Morell and Dr. Maria Yvette Barez were present to give updates concerning the threat of Superbug.

"We should not self medicate. It is important that we always consult our doctor when we feel something about our health and do not buy antibiotics on our own, and we are guilty of this." Dr. Rontgene Solante PSMID president.

That is why Watsons launched a campaign to stop the threat of Superbug by means of Compliance Pack, packed in the right quantities that help consumers follow complete antibiotic treatment.

"They are based on the standard clinical practice of physicians, ensuring that patients have enough antibiotics supply" says Lyle Joseph A. Morell head of Business Unit of Watsons.

One of the greatest factor is quality. Make sure that they are from the top ten pharmaceutical company. Therefore you have to trust your doctor because he knows the right price and the right medicine for you.

"Kung ang price ng antibiotic ay piso lang I don't think it has quality" says Dr. Maria Yvette Barez, National Council Officer PSMID.

We should know the right and reputable pharmaceutical company.

In this connection we should be alarmed and know the common practices and misuse of antibiotics.

Do not Self Medicate
This happens when a patient buys antibiotics on his or her own without prior consultation with a doctor. Some of these patients borrow a used prescription; or follow the advice relatives and friends.

Do not skip a dose
Patients who miss a dose or several doses of antibiotic are allowing bacteria to recover from-and develop a resistance - to the antibiotic's effects . There's also a risk of infection resurgence.

Don't stop the use too early
Some patients don't finish the prescribed treatment course of the antibiotics prescribed to them. They stop taking the antibiotics once they feel better. Others are unable to buy all the antibiotics prescribed because they don't have enough money.

Don't use antibiotics like over the counter drugs
Antiobitics are powerful medications that must be used only under a doctor's supervision. Unfortunately, some patients mistakenly believe that antibiotics are used to relieve symptoms like fever, body pain, coughs and colds.

According to stuides 66% of anitobiotics in Manila were sold without a prescription.

This advocacy aims to help make a law about proper prescrition of antibiotics.

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