Eating snacks without the guilt

I am sick and tired of trying to look and investigate the ingredients of snack foods available on the racks of groceries or convenient stores. I always wanted to be sure that I will not be a victim of another new COMMERCIAL JUNK FOOD that is out there on the market that will make the consumer’s life more miserable after consuming the addictive poisonous snacks. I have always said to myself that I will not be a victim of paid media hype selling toxic products
clothe as a healthy food. Most of the time they use celebrities to sell the venomous nibblers.

No, I am not paranoid. I just wanted to stay healthy. I want my internal organs and blood pressure to remain normal after ingesting something that will satisfy my hunger.

One day, while digging among the gamut of snacks available that will go with my fruit juices, Lo and Behold, something fell on my head from the top rack like manna from heaven! A Soyami Soya Chips Pizza flavored! I’ve searched where it came from and found two more flavors; the White Cheddar and the Original flavor. It is made with Real Soya, no MSG, High in Protein and Calcium, O% transfat, 0% in Cholesterol and Sodium, too. It was a priceless find, a treasure among the trashes that is being sold everywhere. Isn’t that
just wonderful?!

Now, I can enjoy and eat my snacks without fear and being guilty. I am contended with
the three flavors to choose from. But I hope that they will add more varieties soon. Now, what flavor is my juice today? Apple, cherry…


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