The Multiply Marketplace: Your Online Convenience Store

Multiply marketplace

It  was designed to be a way to showcase items that a person may want to pass on to contacts or to search for an item that a user's contacts may have.

If you want a safe, convenient and hassle-free online transaction, then Multiply works best for you.

Multiply connects virtual shoppers to 88,000 online stores.

There is nothing more you need to do because with just a click away, Multiply has officially become the country’s largest digital mall that offers everything from today’s hottest fashion finds, gadgets, mobile phones to the latest in beauty, mommy and baby products.

Brief History

A few years ago it started as a social networking site where millions of people went to share photos and videos, Multiply has evolved to become a fully functioning e-commerce site that not only connects shopping success for virtual shoppers but also real-life business success for its merchants.

Payment Options

Multiply also offers a secure, easy-to-follow payment scheme through its partnerships with BDO Virtual Card, BPI, Paypal and G-Cash. To lessen purchasing disputes, Multiply also has a Buyer Protection Program for merchants that protects their customer’s purchases.

Now, I would like to share my experience buying at Multiply marketplace

Multiply has a listing of its 17 product categories:  Beauty and Fragrances, Baby and Toddler, Clothing, Shoes and Accessories, Collectibles, Computers, Electronics, Food, Flowers and Gifts, Health and Personal Care, Home and Garden, Jewelry and Watches, Movies, Music and Books, Professional Services, Sports and Outdoors, Toys and Hobbies, Video Games and Everything Else.


Now I choose to buy a brand new Hanford brief because my old brief looks like bacon now. I need to get a new one.  So I went to marketplace and searched for Hanford briefs for sale. When I found a Hanford Boys Fun Auto Collection at Handford Ph’s store I immediately clicked Proceed to Checkout button.

Entered my address and selected Paypal as my payment option, then clicked place your order

 Tip: *Remember to fill out the form completely



After entering my complete information, my address is now posted and I'm ready to pay my order

I payed my order using PayPal


Payment is now complete. I am so excited to have my new Handford brief.


See ! It’s so convenient to buy a brief online using Multiply marketplace.

Now this made me think why don’t I also sell products online or might as well promote my services, besides putting up an online store at Multiply does not cost anything. So I think I will be I will be turning my Multiply account into an online store as well.

What do you suggest I should sell online?  Feel free to leave a comment and add me on multiply.


Like and  I also want to sell online using BDO Virtual Card, BPI, PayPal and G-Cash as payment options for more convenience.

Do you also want to be an online seller? It’s easy!

 To get started on your very own business or on hunting for the best deals, register at

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