Afraid of surgical facial treatment? Try Botox Alternative

Exercise and diet are not enough to keep the wrinkles away.

But with Diana Stalder's Regenerin treatment you no longer have to watch your face on aging.

Now you will look younger, and feel better about your appearance.

Regenerin is Diana Stalder's Botox alternative. So if you're afraid of needles it's the best option.

A few days after the mall tour last Saturday. I had the chance to experience this 1500 Php worth of facial services and wow that's awesome. It feels so good after, very smooth effect on skin.

There is no need for you to wash your face because the first stage of this treatment is cleansing your face with cream and that's gonna remove all the dust and dirt. So it's so relaxing.

The most painful part is pricking because it has pressure and that's going to remove all your white heads including pimples which are about to grow.

But for Robbie ( it was not that painful. We both had Regenerin treatment during the Sparty.

Most of Diana's client experience pain when they're getting pricked.

After that a mask will be applied to your face which has a very cool effect. It's so cold and it's gonna cover your eyes and lips so the only way you can breathe is thru your nose, and that's gonna take for 20 minutes.

A total of an hour treatment.

Common problems for men is having an oily skin so it is recommended to get a facial treatment every 2 weeks.

Robbie and I had a great time at the sparty. It was an additional confidence for us. Oh yeah!

Also try Diana's Diamond Peel, it's their best seling services.

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