Day 1 at Fitness First

Nov. 1 - Day 1 at Fitness First SM The Block using my Free 1 month membership, thanks to NIVEA FOR MEN Philippines.



15 minute treadmill, 2.7 gradient , 5.7 km/hr


Abdominal Crunch

Rotary Torso

Total Abdominal

It was really a sweaty day for me because it was hot and sunny outside. In this kind of season Nivea deodorant is the one that works best. Roll-ons are sticky but with this one it's not.

Using Nivea Silver Protect; the deodorant and the roll-on, you feel fresh after!

Compared to the previous brand that I used, Nivea is amazing it's the most effective and long-lasting.

With Nivea, I am able to go to the gym and work out without worrying about my underarm odor. It goes on very smooth, fights odor all day, all without any aluminum or heavy fragrances



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