Vegetarian Sinigang Recipe

It is hard to find Sinigang Mix that does not contain shrimp paste. But try looking at the ingredients of Knorr tamarind cubes and Mama Sita's Sinigang Mix it doesn't contain shrimp or pork.

Now ready to use as seasoning for our Vegetarian Sinigang.



Tomato, Onions, Gabi, Labanos, Okra, Talong, Sitaw, Kangkong, Sampalok, Sili Haba

Substitute for the Fish/Pork:
Tofu or Veggie Meat

Salt and Pepper
Sinigang Mix


1. Cut the tomato, onions, gabi, labanos, okra, talong, sitaw, into tiny pieces just enough like a dice. Tear the kangkong into leaves.

2. Boil water, Put Gabi and Labanos first because it's hard.

3. Next put the talong, gabi, sitaw in the boiling water. Add the tofu or veggie meat

4. Add the sinigang mix and adjust according to taste.

5. Add salt and the Siling Haba

Vegetarian Sinigang is best served when hot specially this rainy season.

In the future I will be cooking this and will invite you to my house and eat.

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