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Today I was surprised to learn that some of the keyword searches that leads to my blog includes the word scandals, sex scandal etc. I know it's dangerous but I do not have the control. In fact some the keywords really have no related post here.

One example is Alice Dixson Scandal, truth is she has no scandal or whatsoever sex video. If there is any then I would not be posting it in here.

Here are the incoming searches I found today:

ashley gosiengfiao cosplay pics

fhm 2012

malunggay pandesal

Ramos Beach House carcar Cebu

sam pinto sexiest fhm

body spa in cubao

when can i take a bath after ventosa

sexiest women in the world

fhm philippines 100 sexiest 2011

100 sexiest women in the philippines 2012 fhm

athena milk benefits

dr tam mateo recipes

chinese taipei

podophyllin resin over the counter philippines

fhm 2012 party

alice dixson scandal

rosanna singson kawpeng

fhm philippines 2012 august

Cast of Enchanted Garden Image

street painting festival

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