Vegetarian Chicken Nugget

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Vegetarian Meat is being used to retain the taste and texture of meat.

Not really a meat because it is made from soy wheat. Non difference with the taste depends on how it was cooked.

In Bodhi stores, one of the best fake meat is Vegetarian Chicken Nugget.

Once you taste it you will not say that it's fake because the taste and texture is the same with real chicken nuggets.

This is one way of conditioning one's tongue in giving up meat. I hope can also help those who are having hard time giving up meat thru this guidelines if you want to give up eating meat:


Give up on Beef First :

This is not hard , because you can still eat pork, chicken and fish. So do this for a month or two. Just make sure that you don’t eat beef anymore straight for a month.

Try to Give up eating Pork after:

When you can now give up beef, it’s time to give up pork. You can still eat chicken and fish. It is easier to give up, knowing that pork is the primary cause of diseases. And we all know that it makes us fat since it is very high in bad cholesterol. Do this for a month or two. Just make sure that you don’t eat pork anymore straight for a month.

Give up eating chicken:
Once you already gave up beef and pork, everything becomes easy next. What’s wrong with eating chickens ? Well there’s a lot, but anyway you will soon have to give up eating chicken. Maybe this will be hard for you so do this for two months or more , but make sure to give up eating chicken soon.

Don’t make it hard for you, there will always be an easier way that will help you achieve your goal. Going vegetarian does not end on giving up the food that you are conditioned to eat, it involves mindset, positive thinking, proper hygiene , a healthier lifestyle above all it develops control. Happy Eating !

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