The Importance of Living A Healthier Lifestyle

My aunt died due to cardio respiratory arrest, she was 57, and almost the same case happened to my two other uncles who were nearly at their 60s. They died because of colon cancer and diabetes, which is among the common cause of death according to World Health Organzition. In the Philippines the average death age is 60 above, in my relatives case they were too young to die.

Just like the usual scenario here in the Philippines, my aunt and my two uncles were not able to find out earlier about their disease. They were already suffering from that disease when they started seeing a doctor.

We usually don't mind if we feel something not good, which should not always be the practice. If we can manage to take care of our health at our young age by all means let's do it.

Usually we go to medical institutions to confess that we have this pain and ailment, so doctors would pay attention on curing whatever illness or disease we have.

What if we could not wait for this time to happen? What if we take good care of our health as early as we can?

Isn't is better if we would not be spending 500,000+ for a by-pass operation....when we can afford to live a healthier life to avoid diseases such as cancer and heart diseases.

It's just basic knowledge, health information is an open book to us. Eating the right food, getting enough sleep and regular exercise are just examples of ways to improve our health care.

If we can do something to prevent us from having diabetes, stroke, cancer and hypertension then we can live a happier life.



When I came across with this new center for wellness called LifeScience I realized that the saying "Prevention is better that Cure" is definitely true.

LifeScience uses preventive medicine to target disease before symptoms appear. It is a center that puts together all that you might need in your pursuit for better health.

The usual practice of medicine is disease based which is difficult but LifeScience helps in preventing a patient before he gets sick. Though it is a special kind of practice it does not move away from the traditional practice.

The center has well-trained and up-to-date physicians to help you sort through a gamut of clinical and lifestyle concerns that may have accumulated over years of prioritizing career goals and setting aside what is truly very important: your health

Laboratory tests are requested after the consult depending on your specific needs and concerns. These tests can range from micronutrient levels in the blood, by-products of metabolism that can shed light on your physiologic, digestive or hormonal deficiencies, or actual genomic studies that give a glimpse of your genetic architecture; what diseases you are destined to get, and thus give you the power to adopt measures to prevent them.

The Process

  1. Patients come to the center by appointment.

  2. A patient should bring all his medical documents.

  3. Consultation

  4. A patient will be provided a program determined during the consultation.

  5. Physicians will assess the patient

  6. Laboratory Tests

  7. That's the time they create a program which continuously done by the patient.

  8. Patient goes back to the center regularly.


LifeScience is located at 8th Floor ACCRA Law Tower
2nd Avenue corner 30th Street
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, 1634
+63 2 828-LIFE (5433)
+63 917 573-LIFE (5433)

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