Good night sleep has many health benefits, here are the things that I do

Getting a good night sleep gives your body a total rest. It helps a lot as you wake up and do your daily routine.

Studies show that having a good night sleep has many health benefits.

I love sleeping, in fact I do this during class when I was in high school until I went to college. But let's talk about getting a good night sleep.

For such a busy and workaholic person like me it's hard to achieve a total complete sleep.

So I think of many ways on how can my body get sleepy before midnight.

Exercise. When I woke up I make sure to at least run maximum of 15 minutes. I feel good after doing this. When it's around 3 pm I get sleepy due to tiredness. I take a nap.

Rice. I get sleepy whenever I eat rice. So when it's lunch time I make sure to eat the amount of rice that I need for the day. A few minutes after eating I suddenly feel sleepiness.

Massage. I go to a spa twice a week, a spa which has a sauna or steambath. When I go to the sauna room or steambath I feel sleepy at the first minute of the massage. Afterwards it helps in achieving a good night sleep.

Alarm. I put alarm to remind me that I need to sleep. Alarm again to remind me that I need to wake up.

Meditation. I go to a yoga meditation center in Proj. 4 Quezon City twice a week. It's a very quiet and blissful place. Meditation in places like this helps a lot in achieveing a good sleep at night.

Stress Relief. One way of stress relief is avoiding of thinking too much about things specially problems.

These are just some of the ways I do to achieve a good night sleep. How about you? Feel free to share it here and have a great sleep.


Dan said...

For me, sleeping at the same time every night (10:00pm) makes a good night relax. =)

carlo said...

Thats Great Dan

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