Glaucoma - the second leading cause of blindness in the world

In celebration of World Glaucoma Week, the Philippine Glaucoma Society together with Allergen brings total awareness to the public about this dreaded eye disease, which is Glaucoma. Glaucoma is considered to be the second leading cause of blindness in the world, and here in the Philippines, it ranked first as the leading cause of blindness not just in one eye, but in both eyes. With this very disturbing information, the Philippine Glaucoma Society took upon their hands the task of  informing our fellow Filipinos about this disease through education, exchange of ideas, research and public dissemination of important facts about Glaucoma.

In an in-depth view, Glaucoma is a condition that affects the eye’s optic nerve (the optic nerve is a bundle of tissue that carries information about what one sees from the eyes to your brain.) The damage in the optic nerve is usually---but not always---caused by the build-up of naturally produced fluid within the eye. When the fluid within the eye is trapped and cannot escape….the resulting pressure build-up causes the optic nerve to deteriorate, resulting in vision loss and an irreversible blindness.

Although, in most cases Glaucoma happens to many individuals without any symptoms at all in its early stage. And it is considered irreversible, which means that when the optic nerve is damage, it cannot be restore anymore. Nonetheless, there is a good news about it that the blindness caused by Glaucoma…given the proper medical procedure is preventable and can be controlled, especially when detected in its early stage. Knowing this medical information, what one needs to do is to have a regular eye check-up, undergo Glaucoma screening exam and other eye test your eye doctor will recommend you.

In response to this, the Philippine Glaucoma Society and its health care company partner…Allergen will be conducting Glaucoma awareness activities like forums for lay people about this eye disease and glaucoma screening activities in selected hospitals and eye centers nationwide….By doing so, the Philippine Glaucoma Society’s vision is somehow being fulfilled----THAT NO FILIPINO SHALL EVER GO BLIND FROM GLAUCOMA!


dan said...

Very informative, thanks! =)

carlo said...

Thanks Dan, I also find informative news on your blog. Cheers

Jessica said...

actually most of us normally neglect our eyes and tking it for granted, especially nowadays with all the technologies. our eyes are more stress and strain everyday. so make it a

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