What I like about Green Tea

What comes to your mind when you hear Coca-cola? Sugar, soda, and all those things doctors and nutritionists say are bad for you. So, you can imagine what a pleasant surprise it was to learn that Coca-cola now has a product that is truly healthy!

I was skeptical, at first. After all, anything with sugar in it can’t be good, can it? But this time, the company that creates the greatest carbonated drink in the world, also matched that record with the healthiest tea drink in the world! It’s the Real leaf Green Tea, using natural green tea leaves with real natural honey. Yup, you read it right, honey. Sweet golden honey is where they get that natural sweet taste, and what can be more nutritious than honey?

It does put me in a bind, because now, I’m trying to decide whether I am still being faithful to my being a vegetarian. Is honey an acceptable food for vegetarians? (Dr. Tam Mateo, the Philippines first Naturopathic Doctor would say yes, after all, he’s a vegan and he uses honey too… although other Vegans would disagree, vociferously in fact…).

I am still trying to decide whether it is, but what I am certain is that if it provides the nutritional values in a sweet healthy package, I’m all for it. Come to think about it, since I am a lacto-vegetarian (which means I permit dairy and other animal produce (excepting meat) in my diet), I suppose it should not bother me too much… hehehehe…

What is important to me is that this drink helps me keep perky (the theanine in the tea, and the natural sugar in honey conspire to keep the brain entertained and focused), and helps me sustain my energy levels throughout the day.

What else can we expect from a concoction that is derived from the finest tea leaves from Zhejiang region of China, the world’s tea capital? It is because of this quality in this particular tea drink that keeps me going in my work, studies and hobby.

And it’s impossible to get bored with the drink too, because they have three different combinations! Honey-apple has that apple zest taste, while the honey-lemon has that limey tang. Apple-lychee of course has a different taste altogether, something that can’t really be described (well, as one of my literature teacher says, as a writer I have no excuse to run out of words to describe something, so I guess, it might be possible to describe that particular taste… perhaps after taking up 689,000 words and 300 pages of comparative descriptions… )

They said that the test of the pudding is in the eating, so I guess, you’ll just have to try it out for yourselves and see. I have tried the three flavors and decided I can’t describe them enough to satisfy my obsessively OC writer’s mind, so I won’t even try. I’ll just say, I liked it, very much in fact, and encourage you to try it yourself.

Who knows, you might find being a vegetarian quite sweet… with Real Leaf !

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