Tips to become happy

A few months ago I posted about having lunch in Manila Sanitarium. I am impressed with the comment from happiness tips and I would like to share it.

  • My suggestions is consider any unsolicited advice having a grain of salt. If you have not request for suggestions from somebody pay no consideration to it.

  • People have a tendency to want to always voice their opinions even when not ask for or wanted. Try to recognize that their opinions, thoughts, ideas and advice does not matter.. all that matters is that which you think yourself.

  • Even though it is someone you love very much and they advice you about some thing that make you really feel poor, inform them how it makes you feel and why. Should you ask somebody for suggestions and also you do not like what they advised, you’ll just need to take it and do with it what you want.

  • Except it or let it go. It’s always your call what to accomplish with anyones advice. Most people don’t mean to hurt your feelings. They really think what they are telling you is inside your best interest. Just believe about it like that and do that which you would do anyway regardless of the things say.

Thank You to Andi Eigenmann likes Solenn

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