I have Thyroid Disease

After a succesful blood donation I made for my friend who has a a cervical cancer I was diagnosed by a Naturophatist that I have Hyperthyroidism.

One Saturday when I was in Quezon City Memorial Circle looking for some organic stuffs, I came across with a doctor who is a regular guest in Salamat Dok! He is Dr. Gerry Defensor, who specializes in Naturopathy. So I let him diagnosed my health since it's his medical mission to give a free health check up. My blood pressure was normal, my pulse rate as well, but my heart beat was not. According to his findings I have palpitation and not normal heart beat. I also have hand tremors. I also have hyper metabolism. The following are symptoms of a person who has a Hyperthyroidism.

Now being a fair doctor, he gave me medical prescriptions, medicines that I should take in order to get well soon. He also advised me to get a second opinion from another specialist that will check my whole thyroid. That requires a T3 check up if I'm not mistaken.

I told my mom who's in Mindanao working about this, she said when she comes back to Manila, she's going to have me checked up by her doctor. By the way my mom has Hypothyroidism, I think it's the reverse of what I have, but still it's the same abnormal heart condition. I'm gonna wait for her.

As of now I am taking medications and after 2 weeks I am going to come back for a follow up check up.
Well I am prepared for this kind of situation, that is why I went vegetarian so that I can easily follow what the doctor will say. For the meantime I am going to search about Hyperthyroidism.


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