The Amazing Race Philippines

Watch out for the biggest reality show this year - The Amazing Race Philippines starting on October 29 nightly after Wil Time Bigtime on TV5.

Get real-time updates online via TARP’s official social media accounts: @Amazing_RacePH and hashtag #AmazingRacePH on Twitter and The Amazing Race Philippines fan page on Facebook. You may also visit for exclusive online contents about the show.

11 teams are vying to be the first to hit the mat at the Finish Line. This season has an interesting mix of characters that are sure to charm their way into Filipino hearts and homes.

The pairs racing for glory and PhP 2 million are: celebrity best friends LJ Moreno and CJ Jarabata, magbayaw Dayal Chowdary, Jr. and Fausto Reyes, gym buddies Marc Du├▒go and Kat Tan, amigas Jervi Lisaba and Saida Diola, reunited friends Sheena Vera Cruz and Gee “Speedy” Canlas, Alabang housewives Pam Spella and Vanessa Ishitani, mag-ama Ed and Angel Movido, mag-kumpare Boom Vergara and Cheng Enriquez, football brothers Armand and Anton del Rosario, bombshells Dani Castano and Mish Van Ruyven, and dating couple Crystel Castro and Mykey Lacson.

The Amazing Race Philippines is set to premiere October 29 on TV5.

This race is considered to be the country's most expensive reality show. It will be airing from Monday to Friday after Wil Time Bigtime and Saturday after Talentadong Pinoy.

It will be a month of Amazing Race Philippines Episodes , hosted by Derek Ramsay. A total of 11 teams will be playing composed of full and half Filipino contestants. 12 females, 9 males and 1 beki.

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The Amazing Race Philippines (11 teams) were launched at Something Fishy Eastwood. It was very well attended by highly respected press and media people.

Yours truly was present during the event and got a chance to ask them about the race and the other teams - The Amazing Race Philippines Contestants.

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The eldest and the youngest participants were Father and daughter team Ed and Angel Movido. This bubbly father and daughter team from Pampanga share the same tenacious spirit. They could not be more complementary - Angel is fond of travelling and exploring the great outdoors, while Ed considers himself a free spirit. Both have established careers in media, Ed in publishing and Angel in broadcasting - PTV 4 Reporter.

Ed was previously overweight, but with Angel's encouragement, both have embraced a healthier, more active lifestyle that they say will certainly help them in The Amazing Race Philippines.

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When asked about his age, Ed said it never became a disadvantage being the eldest among the group, in fact it made him like 10 years younger. He is young at heart and still physically competitive. "I feel good joining in here" he adds.

At first she was nervous but Angel is very happy because she was able to convince her dad to become her partner in The Amazing Race Philippines.

Angel is the type of conservative girl. She looks simple. kind and sweet. Among others, Dayal is the most interesting character for her.


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Celebrity Bestfriends - LJ Moreno and CJ Jaravata. Friends for more than ten years. Both TV actress under the same circle of friends. LJ Moreno is an avid joiner of adventure race, she also joined Fear Factor Philippines a few years ago. She auditioned to reality shows and races a lot of times already.

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While CJ is a confessed fan of The Amazing Race Asia, she still has her nanny always at her side and considers dressing up very important. CJ's latest TV show was Felina (TV5). She also did TV shows in ABS CBN when launched before as a member of the Star Circle Batch 9.

CJ Jaravata is the ex girlfriend of Robin da Rosa.

Q and A
Who is the most friendly contestant? Jervi
Who is the most hot? Football brothers Anton and Armand
Who is the most fun to be with? Jervi and The Mommies Pam and Vanessa


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The Toughest. Armand and Anton del Rosario, football brothers

They've been long time playing for Team Azkals but recently stopped due to injury problems. They are avid fans of The Amazing Race, now they wanted to experience the same adventures and challenges for themselves this season.

They are very well trained and physically fit, the brothers are sure their ability to make decisions will either make or break them in the race. While they consider each others as "rivals" in some aspects, the brothers agreed to set aside their differences to win the overall race.

Both have strong personalities - convinced that they know best. Armand and Anton are determined to put the values and skills they learned in football training to good use in the competition; teamwork, passion and communication.

During the Amazing Race for the press, they were my teammates. We are team no. 4 to arrive. After the game they left already because they have to attend football training. So they were not present anymore during the press conference at Something Fishy.

I asked some of the contestants who they think are the strongest team and majority of them answered - the football brothers Armand and Anton. They are always the first to run every start of the challenge.



The Bombshells. Danielle Castano(22) and Michelle Van Ruyven(23)

Derek Ramsay Amazing Race Philippines Contestants IMG_0750

Derek Ramsay Amazing Race Philippines Contestants IMG_0749

Among the other team Dani considers Dayal to be the most interesting character. "Meron syang side na napaka competitive nya. Minsan di ko alam kung nage gets nya ba yung challenge.  He  helped us a lot during the race he is always there for me and Michelle. He was very close to me" Dani shared.

Derek Ramsay Amazing Race Philippines Contestants IMG_0745

Dani is known as always intense during the game.

For Michelle it was the father and daughter team whom she considered to be the most interesting ."For sure Daddy and Angel. I love their story. I like how they played the game despite of being the eldest and youngest team" Michelle shared.

When asked what was their gameplan she said "Communicate and always stick to the rules"

Dani represented the Philippines during the 2008 Miss World pageant in South Africa, while Mish is an entrepreneur and a budding event host. Although they were both raised overseas, they wear the colors of the country proudly - confessing their mutual love for local travel and cuisine. They help motivate one another especially since they took up running as a sport.


These pair of Alpha femmes is very secretive about what their overall gameplan is for the race. But what they were able to share is that they will surely look out for their own team and no one else.


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Dayal (27) and Fausto (33), mag-bayaw

During the Amazing Race for the press Derek Ramsay would joke this:
"Baka nandaya si Dayal ha". When asked about this controversy he said "Ginagawa ko lang kung ano ang dapat gawin, kung sa tingin nila marumi ako maglaro wala akong magagawa basta laro lang ako at sunod sa rules"

I asked a few teams whom they find to be an interesting character, toughest and hard opponent. Most of them answered Dayal. He was also one of the biggest contestant.

Dayal and Fausto may not have been born into the same family, but these brothers-in-law are out to prove the strength of their bond. The duo from Pasay think aside from their strong family bond, they are able to communicate well with one another.

These two may seem opposites of each other’s personalities but they insist they complement one another. For example, extrovert and charming Dayal gets to bring out the best in Fausto. Fausto’s calm and collected cool also helps Dayal manage his temper. Together, the feisty modern-day urban cowboy and the gentle probinsyano hope to conquer the race one stage at a time.


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Marc (42) and Kat (27), gym buddies

Marc and Kat share the same passion for fitness. They have performed alongside each other in various competitions, winning several awards.

Marc has made fitness his full time profession, acting as a consultant to many gyms and health centers across the Philippines.

Derek Ramsay Amazing Race Philippines Contestants IMG_0756

Kat, on the other hand, is a marketing professional. Physical tasks are no big deal to them and might be an advantage to people who consider health their priority.

But a few things may hinder the power partners: Mark has fear of heights and being in the water too long while Kat is very conscious about what she puts inside her body. Outwardly pleasant, both have an inner core of steel. Admittedly, Kat said Marc may end up being kinder to the other teams than she is. The buff duo declared that they will do anything to win.


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Jervi (23) and Saida (24), amigas

The “besties” met while working on the same daily noontime show Eat Bulaga for years—Saida was a mainstay dancer, while Jervi worked as the program’s floor director.

Jervi is the only beki in the group and considered to be the most talkative. It was Jervi who encouraged Saida to audition for The Amazing Race Philippines. "Tutal nag resign ka na rin eh di mag audition ka na rin. Basta beauty task sayo, mag two piece ka sige go. Pag brain task sa akin" he said.

They consider themselves the ultimate mix of beauty and brains on the race. More than that, they claim that their dynamic combination is unique. Jervi and Saida also insist that they are smarter than how they appear while racing. Both are used to being underestimated. On the race, they want to prove how much more of themselves they can become.

Q & A
Who among the other teams is the
hottest: Anton and Armand
sexy: Gee and Saida
friendly: Jervi
most hated: Dayal and Fausto
high blood: Kat and Dani
most "Ate" figure: LJ
most helpful: LJ
most kind looking: Michelle
crush: Anton and Arman. "I cry when they get lost"
most aggresive: Dayal
most snob: Mykey and Crystel
mysterious: Boom and Cheng
fun to be with: Mommies Pam and Vanessa

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Sheena (30) and Gee (28), reunited friends

Sheena and Gee were formed as barkadas with Jervi and Saida. They often see and hangout together. They become more close during the race.

Derek Ramsay Amazing Race Philippines Contestants IMG_0731

Being friends since college, Sheena and Gee have gone through their share of ups and downs together. They share a passion for dancing, although Gee pursued a career being a TV presenter. She was a former video jock of Music Uplate in ABS CBN.

Derek Ramsay Amazing Race Philippines Contestants IMG_0700

Sheena, on the other hand, became a member of the renowned Philippine All Stars. The bubbly duo reviewed previous seasons of The Amazing Race in other countries and agreed on two things that will help them win the game.

Derek Ramsay Amazing Race Philippines Contestants IMG_0699

The first is to stop over-thinking, since they still want to appreciate that things they see and the people they meet on each leg. The second is to never underestimate taxi drivers since it can mean the difference between being first and eliminated.

Gee is beautiful. I admit that I've got a crush on her over Yeng Constantino during Music Uplate times. This photo below is my expression.

Derek Ramsay Amazing Race Philippines Contestants IMG_0742

Derek Ramsay Amazing Race Philippines Contestants IMG_0741

Derek Ramsay Amazing Race Philippines Contestants IMG_0653

Pam (40) and Vanessa (35), Alabang housewives

During the presscon they were the most asked team because of the news that they are very rich. When asked if they would still join The Amazing Race Philippines if Derek is not the host they said "Babayaran namin si Derek para lang sya ang mag host"

Derek Ramsay Amazing Race Philippines Contestants IMG_0668

As they keep on sharing stories it brought more fun to the press crowd.

Derek Ramsay Amazing Race Philippines Contestants IMG_0652

Pam and Vanessa do not fit the stereotypical “ladies who lunch” bill. As energetic housewives looking for adventure, both women are accomplished homemakers who are out to prove they can do more than raise families.

The Alabang housewives are fluent in several local dialects, which they say is an advantage in the Race. In preparation for the race, these fierce Leo ladies watched past seasons of The Amazing Race. This season, Pam and Vanessa are determined to be unpredictable and give other teams a good challenge.


Derek Ramsay Amazing Race Philippines Contestants IMG_0707

Boom (27) and Cheng (40), mag-kumpare

They are the most kuwela and makulit among the teams. Boom and Cheng have several things that are common to both of them. They are single fathers who both ventured overseas to support their families. In a word, Valenzuela’s own “Bash Brothers” are very confident on and off-camera. Though they say they don’t have a strict game plan for the Race, they agreed to be flexible and work around the different circumstances they will encounter.

Derek Ramsay Amazing Race Philippines Contestants IMG_0706

Derek Ramsay Amazing Race Philippines Contestants IMG_0705

Avid motorcycle riders, Boom and Cheng are determined not to take themselves too seriously while racing. Among other teams in the Race, Boom and Cheng confessed they are uncertain about forming alliances as their position is the game is the most important.


Derek Ramsay Amazing Race Philippines Contestants IMG_0752

Crystel (25) and Mykey (33), dating couple

The team that was considered to be loner and didn't want to mingle.
When asked if it is true they said "Kami kasi yung last na dumating sa isang assembly kaya nung dumating kami may mga encounters na sila sa isa't isa" shared the couple.

They remained to be a mysterious couple. I observed that when they left during the presscon it was like they were not present. Maybe I'm wrong.

Crystel and Mykey are out to prove the strength of their relationship on the Race. Hailing from Pampanga, the couple is keen to explore what the rest of the Philippines can offer in terms of adventure. Both Mykey and Crystel came from failed relationships before getting together and hope to overcome both physical and emotional challenges that await them in the Race. Together, the couple is determined to beat the odds and win.

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