Cohen's Program, Weight Loss and Wellness through Nutrition

Karen Gayle-Sison is a graduate of Cohen's program at Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre. She had experienced bad things during her college days because she was obese.

Thanks to Cohen(weight loss program) because she achieved the ideal weight for her body, age and lifestyle. Now she feels more confident and enjoys what she eats with proper nutrition.

Karen admits that she had a mindset of justifying that she is not fat alone. "I will always found somebody fatter than me"

But started to gain more weight when she was in college. "I would order 2-3 cups of rice and would eat on a regular basis" she confessed. The result gained her 20 pounds in as early as 2 terms.

As she gets more weight she also had irregular monthly periods.

When her Mom brought her to an O.B. Gyne she was mistaken to be pregnant. "Oh she must be pregnant" said the O.B. Gyne to her Mom.

Afterall, it was unbelievebale to Karen..." The O.B. touched my tummy pa and gave me pills to regulate my period together with a diet plan such as no salt, no carb program" .

She took the pills for six months, her period became regular but she had depression problems.

"Mang Inasal became my comfort place because of unlimited rice.I tried Herbalife, Xenical, I went vegan all didn't work" Karen asserts.

Until she was introduced to Cohen's program. It is an individual-tailored weight loss program that allows all types of people, such as housewives, busy executives, students and even those who do not have time to exercise, to lose an average of 8-10 lbs. in a month with food as medicine.

It was found out that her body system had an insulin resistance. The program corrects hormonal imbalance and is developed by Dr. Rami Cohen, MD, an international specialist renowned for his research on hormones involved in obesity and weight loss.

Dr. Cohen personally develops an individual tailored eating plan.

Karen undergone with the program for six months and gained the results that was ideal for her.

In Cohen's Program, each person undergoes a blood test and the results are used to analyze their unique blood chemistry. A personalized eating plan which triggers the body’s natural ability to shed off fat rapidly and safely is then developed to restore hormonal balance.

She started last year December 1 and just finished with the program on July 2012. She lost great amount of pounds and was back to shape now.

To know more about the Cohen Program, visit the Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre at Suite 1006, 10th Floor Medical Plaza Makati Building, Amorsolo cor. dela Rosa Streets, Legaspi Village, Makati City.

Visit their website and if you have inquiries email them at or call 502-1090, 501-5237

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