Easy Tips if you want to Go Vegetarian

Some reason why going vegetarian becomes hard for most people is because we are conditioned to eating meat. It has been part of our tradition to eat meat during parties and occasions.

If you are serious on becoming vegetarian someday you have to aim removing that condition (the taste of meat) and make yourself conditioned to eating vegetables.

You don't do this overnight. It has to be easy and slow. It takes time because again we are conditioned to eating meat for so long.

As a start, make a timeline to gradually reduce your intake of meat and this will help you achieve your goal to make yourself pleased eating vegetables.

Here's a pattern that I want to share to those who are having hard time giving up meat. This may help.

Giving up Beef  first:

It's not that hard , because you can still eat pork, chicken and fish. So do this for a month or two. Just make sure that you don't eat beef anymore straight for a month.

Giving up Pork :

If you think that you can give up beef, it's time for you to give up pork. You can still eat chicken and fish. It is easier to give up, knowing that pork is the primary cause of diseases. And we all know that it makes us fat since it is very high in bad cholesterol. Do this for a month or two. Just make sure that you don't eat pork anymore straight for a month.

Giving up chicken:
What's wrong with eating chickens ? Well there's a lot, but anyway you will soon have to give up eating chicken. Maybe this will be hard for you so do this for two months or more , but make sure to give up eating chicken soon.

When you had already give up eating beef, pork and chicken it will be easier for you to go vegetarian or vegan. Don't make it hard for you, there will always be an easier way that will help you achieve your goal. Going vegetarian does not end on giving up the food that you are conditioned to eat, it involves mindset, positive thinking, proper hygiene , a healthier lifestyle above all it develops control.

Happy Eating and Good Luck!


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