The Magic behind Banana Diet

Are you tired of delaying effect of getting slim? Have some allergic reaction on taking some nutritional supplement? Sluggish going to the gym everyday? Are you afraid to experience a non surgical medical procedure?

As we all know, eating fruits is best in our health. There are some people who do not know that fruits are also an alternative to weight loss. Some people prefer taking weight loss tea, appetite suppressant, or fat binder products. Other people trying to undergo a hazard free liposuction and other body enhancement method done by cosmetic surgeons.

Bananas are good source of Vitamin A, B, C and high levels of potassium. It provides you 100-200 calories a day. And it is also one of the best sources of carbohydrates. Its contents starch, tumult in our digestive area and produce by-products that will boost burning some fat by 20% up to 25% of it. Eating banana increases burning some fat that suits your need to be slim.

The benefits of eating banana help you to have regular bowel movements, a healthy circulation of your cardiovascular system, protects you from having a mild stroke, getting rid of having an ulcer attack, helps you to recover from having a high blood pressure, enhance your mood and energy levels.

There are some people that had misconception on having banana on their dietary plan. There are some myths that bananas are high in calories. It gives you more vigor to do any activities that you always do.

Do you want to know on how to be physically fit by eating bananas? There are several ways on how you can lose weight on eating banana. You can eat bananas before eating your breakfast. For example, eating three pieces of bananas every breakfast can decrease nine grams of fiber and completely no fat at all. For just six weeks, you will see the result of what you wanted for so long.

You can simply do eat bananas before every other meal so that energy will you provides you stamina on what are you doing everyday and eating this will always reminds you that your stomach is occupied.

Also, you can have a banana meal before and during some cardiovascular exercise. Having a lot of power in the body is essential to maintain the exhausting workout. This makes you attentive whenever you’re working or playing basketball.

Five bananas a day makes you fit for a cut down your weight. Here’s how it works: Ate two bananas for your heavy breakfast with coffee, two more bananas earlier than lunch time and a single banana right before dinner. By the time you ate five bananas every single day, your body will shrink at least fifty percent of your food ingestion. The calories you got from banana can effortlessly rewarded by the calorie insufficiency.

One thing also is that eat your dinner before 8 o’clock in the evening. Sweet content beverages, alcohol content drinks and chemically-based snacks are prohibited during the whole day. It might affect your diet. Drink a lot of fluids when you’re in this kind of trimming down your bulge.

You have to regularly monitor your weight by using weighing scale, so that if you see that you gain weight, you have to do something to get rid of being overweight. Enjoy the moment eating the yellowish fruit that will do good to your healthy lifestyle. Bon Appetit!

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