Free gym at Fitness First March 14-20

All you have to do is visit the website and download the 1 week pass. Ok?

March, 2011 - Have you been thinking about hitting the gym recently? Are you feeling like you’re not exercising so much? Have you been meaning to go out for a run or join a marathon with friends but have been putting it off? On March 14-20, Fitness First gives you a good reason to hit the gym because in celebration of the 2011 International Fitness Week, the world’s leading health and fitness club will open all its doors nationwide to everyone for free!

International Fitness Week is a global campaign that aims to promote healthy living and fitness through exercise and enjoyable group activities. Now in its third year in the Philippines, Fitness First together with former Spice Girl and Global International Fitness Week Ambassador, Mel B, is encouraging the public to becoming more active and fit while providing solutions to different health concerns such as weight loss and high cholesterol.

“Our business at Fitness First is all about changing lives. We offer our services to help people get healthy no matter what their motivations are. Whether it’s to have more energy to keep up with your kids after a long day at work, to look better or to feel healthier, Fitness First is here to support you. This March, we are strengthening our commitment to wellness through International Fitness Week. We’d like to encourage everyone to start moving and prioritize their health.” Says Mark Ellis, Country Manager of Fitness First Philippines

For an entire week, Fitness First will treat everyone to a selection of services. Each day will have a different focus including “Strength Day” where activities will center on how one can build their strength, “Cycle Day” in which spin classes will be offered to both rookie and experts, “Shape Day” where classes devoted to sculpting and toning one’s body will be offered with the help of different innovative techniques and free consultation with Fitness First’s resident nutritionist and “Health Check Day” which will provide participants with a 5 point health check. In addition to this, there will also be “Functional Training Day” which can help people be more productive and energized to tackle their daily activities, and “Group Exercise Day” where beginner cardio classes will be offered. Finally, to culminate the week-long celebration, “Fun Day” will give participants a preview on Fitness First’s newest weight loss program, Lose It.

“To me, Fitness is a lifestyle. It’s a commitment to my body. Exercising helps me focus more during the day. It provides me the energy to do the things I love” says International Fitness Week global ambassador, Mel B. “My partnership with Fitness First and International Fitness Week allows me to motivate and inspire other people to get moving! I urge everybody to take advantage of this opportunity and hit the gyms. ”

Fitness First would like to invite members and non-members alike to this opportunity as it will only run for 7 days during International Fitness Week. Use the gym, feel free to try the equipment, consult with a nutritionist and join the many exciting classes this coming March 14 – 20 2011 at any Fitness First club near you!

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