Green living tips from the Nestlé Club

1. Discover what green living is all about
These days more people are being converted to get into an eco-friendly lifestyle. And the evidence is seen in the way they incorporate the idea in their everyday lives. Most likely, you’ve already done your share to help save Mother Earth too. But is it really just about choosing paper instead of plastic bags? Or just about eating organically grown food? Read More

2. Conserve water!
Help conserve water with these practical tips.
Since we were little, we have always been taught by our parents, even our homeroom and science teachers, to conserve water. But do we really understand the reason why we are doing it? Read More

3. The ABCs of Gardening
Easy tips to start-up your new garden hobby!
One of the most relaxing hobbies you can go into is gardening. There’s nothing like being surrounded by lush green plants to relax your mind and calm you down. Read More

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