World’s Sexiest Vegetarian Alicia Mayer

Just recently, I met one of the World’s Sexiest Vegetarian Alicia Mayer during the presscon of TV 5’s Inday Wanda, I admit that she still looks sexy after giving birth to a healthy young boy last September 29, 2008.
I asked her “Alice, Are you vegan or vegetarian?” she said “not anymore, I eat fish and other seafoods”, ( pesco veg) Surprisingly I thought that she turned into meat eating again, but not.
She didn’t eat on the set because there was no veg food in the presscon, but she said she just had her breakfast that’s why.
In the Philippine Entertainment History Alicia is the former girlfriend of Joey Marquez and Edu Manzano.

There were write ups that Alicia Mayer will no longer pose sexy for PeTA, which she decided a few years ago for her baby and her family.
But she still considers a vegetarian diet as part of a healthy lifestyle.
Watch out for her doing a villain role as “Akit” in Tv5 ‘s Inday Wanda soon this September.


Vegetarian Celebrities : Bianca Valerio said...

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Allan Zych said...

Hello. Great job. I did not anticipate this. This is a great story. Thanks!

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