Kalsada Grill and Inasal : not vegetarian friendly

Kalsada is a nice place to hang and chill out.
It has nice atmosphere, Interiors are well designed, and there's a lot of beautiful girls.
The place is classical, I can say that it is homey.
They do have nice food, in fact they have vegetarian options like tokwa, mojo potatoes and sizzling mushrooms. Although they have some vegetarian options I personally don't consider them as vegetarian friendly.
In fastfoods like Chowking, you can request to customize their pansit ( you can tell the cook to make it vegetarian ). You can also do that here in Kalsada ( you can tell the server to make it vegetarian ) but I doubt it, because they won't make it vegetarian. I've tried it once, I requested to cook it vegetarian, but they still served the wrong one. How shameful ! Kalsada is a nice place but not vegetarian friendly.
Kalsada Grill and Inasal is located at Dona Soledad Ave. Paranaque, PH

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